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XCraft Survival Rules
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These rules may be subject to change as time goes on, so please check back when possible if you are unsure.

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Overall Conduct

  • On XCraft Survival, you are expected to act in a civil and responsible manner.
  • Treat all players and staff members with respect.
  • Harassment of other players, the community, or general toxicity will not be tolerated.
  • Advertisement of other servers and or communities including but not limited to: Discord, Minecraft Servers, and unrelated websites are prohibited.
  • Keep your builds SFW, as you do with everything else on the server. 

Chat Messages

  • Spamming
    • Do not send the same message repeatedly after getting no response.
    • Do not over-utilize caps lock or punctuation.
    • Do not include an overabundance of characters. (Example: "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa"
  • Swearing
    • We have players from young to old on the server, and while we allow some swearing, please keep it to a minimum.
    • Do not attempt to bypass our swear filter using other characters.
    • This also includes using the Discord chat channel to circumvent the filter.
  • Links
    • Refrain from sending any links inside of the server chat. 
  • Inappropriate Messages
    • Keep all messages SFW. 
    • Any messages that are inappropriate may result in a mute. If you continue to use inappropriate messaging, you will be removed from the community.
  • Controversial Topics
    • Please try to avoid discussing the following topics in chat: religion, politics, terrorism, etc. 
    • There are many different types of controversy, and depending on the moment, Staff Members may take action.
    • We are a Minecraft Server, not a political convention.

Claim Guidelines

  • Your claim blocks are linked to your in-game balance.
  • Claims that have been created first in an area have priority if the claim's owner wishes to expand.
  • Please try to keep a 2 Chunk minimum between claims with different owners. 
  • Do not claim areas just to prevent other people from expanding their claim. These types of claims will just be removed.
  • If you claim near someone, be sure that they are okay with you being near them. 

Client Modifications

  • Hacked Clients are not to be used at any time.
  • Use of XRay, KillAura, Flight, or any other illegal tools will result in you being removed from the community.
  • Any modifications that give you an advantage over other players are not permitted. 
  • Glitches/Exploits are not to be used. This includes but is not limited to duplication, plugin bugs, Mojang bugs, etc.

Acceptable Client Modifications

  • Litematica (NO PRINTER)
  • Minimap (Xaero's, VoxelMap, etc.)
  • Just Enough Items/Roughly Enough Items
  • ShulkerBoxToolTip, Map Tooltip
  • WorldEditCUI (Heavily Recommended)
  • An official pack will be made soon with recommended client mods.

Spawn Shop Plot Guidelines

  • In Spawn, you are allowed to claim a shop plot. Each of these plots is automated and has a claim contract tied to them.
  • You may only claim 1 plot.
  • If you do not have the funds to keep your plot afloat, your plot contract will be terminated. 
  • In order to cancel your contract, remove all of the items from your plot and type the command "/arm terminate true" while standing in the plot.
  • Shop plots cannot contain any vulgar/offensive structures on them. Any that do have such structures will be removed and items will not be returned to the plot's owner.