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No posting in the wrong section - Posting in the wrong section is not posting a thread in the appropriate section for what the thread is about.

Discrimination - Negative comments related to skin color, gender, or other personal qualities. These are intolerable and will result in immediate punishment.

Flaming - Do not encourage violence or hatred towards other forum users or individuals.

Falsifying information about other users on the Forums - Anything that is claimed to be truthful will require proof and evidence to solidify the point.

Information - Sharing another user’s personal information without their consent is prohibited.

Media/Server Advertising
- This is a Minecraft forum, not an advertisement website. You are not permitted to advertise another server project to users on this forum or in our Discord. Any advertisement will result in a permanent ban across all XCraft Survival-related sites and projects.

- Forum posts or creating multiple threads with the same name will result in said posts being removed.

Necroposting - Bumping or posting to threads that are old/irrelevant will result in the post, and in some cases, the thread/post being deleted.

Public Shaming - We pride ourselves on positive community interaction. Please, refrain from shaming a user due to past actions.

Multiple accounts - Users should have access to one account, and one account only. Any users found with multiple accounts will have them removed from the site.

These are fairly simple rules to follow, so do remember them when you use our site.
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