Release 2.0 | Aspects Return

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Alright... it's time...

Release 2.0 is available now!

- Aspect of Enchanting has returned.​
- Blocks Shop re-organized + Added 1.16 Blocks.​
- Fixed pricing on Blaze Rods, Quartz, TNT, and Iron Blocks.​
- New Spawn! 🎉
- Lottery has returned!
- Vote Crate, Daily Crate, and Vote Party Crate have been reworked completely!
- New Backpacks with distinguishable textures!​
- Gem Store is back in a basic form with Boosters and Gems to Xeni Conversion!​
- McMMO has been updated to V2, allowing for new balancing and re-balancing!​
- Updated to 1.16.2!​
- New Dungeon Types! You can now find Frost Dungeon Towers in the Resource World!​
- Auto Farms have been fixed.
- This website exists! The forums are able to be used by any members of XCraft Survival.​
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Not open for further replies.