XCraft Survival

Release 2.5 | Aspect Fixes

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So... as we all know the Aspects worked less than favorably for a lot of us, so I decided to completely rework them.

There are a total of 27 Aspects in-game as opposed to the 8-9 that we had before.

These will be viewable on our new Wiki as soon as that is up and running.

Release 2.0 | Aspects Return

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Alright... it's time...

Release 2.0 is available now!

- Aspect of Enchanting has returned.​
- Blocks Shop re-organized + Added 1.16 Blocks.​
- Fixed pricing on Blaze Rods, Quartz, TNT, and Iron Blocks.​
- New Spawn! 🎉
- Lottery has returned!
- Vote Crate, Daily Crate, and Vote Party Crate have been reworked completely!
- New Backpacks with distinguishable textures!​
- Gem Store is back in a basic form with Boosters and Gems to Xeni Conversion!​
- McMMO has been updated to V2, allowing for new balancing and re-balancing!​
- Updated to 1.16.2!​
- New Dungeon Types! You can now find Frost Dungeon Towers in the Resource World!​
- Auto Farms have been fixed.
- This website exists! The forums are able to be used by any members of XCraft Survival.​

Welcome to the XCraft Survival Forums!

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Welcome to the new site!

On the "Home" page, you'll be able to find any posts relating to Announcements and Updates regarding XCraft Survival!

We hope that this allows the community to grow even closer together!